Easy Resell Plus. Automatically Creates Clickbank Payment Links 

Easy Resell Plus

resell ebooks Customize Your Ebook Mini Sites Instantly

Save Time And Effort

Protect Against Expensive Mistakes

... New Software Does All This And More!

If you want to run a successful ebook reselling business, you need lots of products to sell, with new ones added regularly. This can mean a lot of work in getting all the supplied mini sites set up with your payment details. Now there is a new, easy to use software tool which will automate this process for you. You will save time and effort and avoid making mistakes which could cost you valuable sales.

Easy Resell Plus will automatically update the payment links in any mini site, ready for you to take payments. Even if there are lots of links scattered around the page, you can update the site instantly, just by pressing a button.

The software works by scanning a file and showing you a list of the links in it. You choose a link to replace and enter your own new link. If you use Clickbank as your payment service, your new link will even be created for you. All occurrences of the original link are then replaced instantly and the updated file saved automatically.

Easy Resell Plus can be used for much more than updating resell mini sites. It can be used with any document or web page where you want to replace an existing link with a different link.

Take a look at the many uses and advantages ...

Performs simple customization of payment links for mini sites

Automatically creates payment links for Clickbank

Updates links in ready made sales letters

Replaces links with your affiliate links in articles and web sites

Saves time and effort in all types of customization

Provides easy updates to dead and moved links on your web site

Instantly lists the links on any web page for link checking

Helps prevent expensive mistakes by automating link replacement

Easy Resell Plus. Automatically Creates Clickbank Payment Links

Full Master Resell Rights Included

Easy Resell Plus comes complete with full master resell rights. You can sell it and keep all the money. Just make one sale and you have recovered your investment. The software comes complete with a copy of this mini site, which you can of course customize using Easy Resell Plus. You can be selling this software within minutes of downloading it!


All This For One Amazing Price

Of course you are now wondering what this is going to cost.

If you are serious about selling ebooks, the time and effort that Easy Resell Plus will save you combined with full master resell rights should easily be worth $100 to you. Easy Resell Plus. Automatically Creates Clickbank Payment Links

But I want Easy Resell Plus to be affordable to everyone, especially those new to ebook reselling, who I know will find it invaluable.

So, for a limited period, I am offering this software for
just $3.99!


You will receive instant access to your software

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Easy Resell Plus. Automatically Creates Clickbank Payment Links